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2 Ways To Use Free Tips To Market Your Offline Business

Do you offer “free tips” in your business? I think it’s a great way to get people to come to you – viewing you as an expert in your business. There are a number of ways to give free tips, and this is exactly what today’s lesson will focus on. The first thing that you should know is that you can attract a ton of visitors to your website all via free tips.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have. If you can offer free tips to your prospects, you will find that it will be easier to close more sales without doing a lot of grunt work to get it done.

With that being said, I want to point out some of the things that you can do to make the concept of free tips work successfully for you. In fact, let’s start with the first way that you can use free tips in your business.

1) In your ads

By offering some free tips in your ads, you will dramatically improve the results that you’re getting from your marketing campaign. I think you should start using this technique now so that you can get a jump on all of the prospects that will be flowing your way. Why does offering free tips in your ad work? Well, it does so for a few reasons.

The first reason is because it’s free. Lol I know that might seem obvious, but this is the 1 thing that will boost your overall response rate. With a ton of prospects in your marketing funnel that you got from your ad, you will increase the possibilities of improving your sales and profits like clockwork.

People love getting things for free, so if you can respond to this demand, people will more than likely want to take advantage of your free offer. Another reason why the free tips method is so potent is because it’s a non-confrontational way of meeting you. People want to “demo” you or “sample” your expertise.

And your free tips methods give them a way to do it. Start using the free tips method in your ads, and you will find that more people will flock towards you because of it. Here’s another way that you can use this method in your business.

2) To sell to backend customers

Once you get a customer, they are worth something. If you want them to buy from you over and over and over again… you have to stay in their lives and give them the content that they are seeking. So every month, make it a point to follow up on your past customers with a free report (about 2-4 pages long), and also include a pitch for your product also.

This will make you incredibly profitable, because 80% of your income will come from sales from your repeat customers. So get your message out there available to them, and watch how your bottom line profits increase like crazy.

These 2 tips for using the free tips method is something that you will want to implement starting today.

Be sure to start using these techniques before your competitors get their hands on this information. Good luck.

6 Tips to Get You Started When Looking Into a Home Based Business in the MLM Industry

If you’re reading this article you are probably looking into starting a home based business in the network marketing arena. Know that this my personal view on how to choose a MLM company from my past experiences. When I started my home based business I wish I would’ve researched the MLM industry and how to choose a company before joining. As I look back, this is some valuable information I wish someone would’ve passed on to me. If you are looking in to network marketing as a career, I hope this article assist you in choosing and starting your home based business right.

Starting A Home Based Business Tip #1: Research the founder of the company and figure out where the founder/s originated from, have they had other successful businesses before? What’s their vision in life and the business? Where is the company based out of and do they have in-house manufacturing for the product that they sell? As I looked into my company these were question that had to find out and get answers to quick.

Starting A Home Based Business Tip #2: What is the MLM companies history, do they have a proven success record?, Are they traded publicly?, Any third-party validation?, What are the annual sales? Do they have any “best something” award from third parties? and how successful are other associates?

If yes, it shows that they have a great track record and the company is more than likely to keep on keeping on.

Starting A Home Based Business Tip #3: Does the company take action in empowering others, educating or helping out the community in the local areas. Do they support any non-profit organization?

To me this means that the company cares for others and is not too business oriented.

It’s great to be able to participate in helping others in any way possible and knowing that they are involved as well is a plus.

Starting A Home Based Business Tip #4: Having third-party accolades is great, for instance a best of state award, best nutrition, or best service for “X” year, athlete accolades and even anniversary accolades.Having accolades are important for edification for a new prospect. They come in handy, it also shows prove they are legit.

Starting A Home Based Business Tip #5: Making sure the company is in social media is important to me, it shows that the company is actively marketing in different ways as well getting known in social media groups, most network marketing companies don’t advertise, but by being in social media it cuts advertising cost by millions which equals to more money, bonuses and incentives for the reps as they keep succeeding in their home based business.

Starting A Home Based Business Tip #6: Best way to sift and sort companies I have discovered is first, figuring out what kind of product relate to me the most (electronic, on-line service, clothing, mobile, nutritionals etc…), second look into only those companies and go over the tips above and third, choose the company your going with and stay there. Before you do that go and “sponsor shop”. Seek out a great leader in the company, one that implements great off-line and on-line strategies like attraction marketing. In closing my friend, just do your homework. I hope the “Starting A Home Based Business Tips” above helped you in your journey to choosing the right MLM company.