Goa Cultural Travel

Goa the land of tropical paradise is known throughout the world for exhilarating combinations of sun, sand and sea. It is an enchanting destination located on the western coast of India and acknowledged for its scenic beauty, cultural festivals, gourmet cuisine, luxurious beach resorts and historical monuments.

With this Goa is the land where tourists can see a rich blend of eastern and western cultural traditions. It is land of potpourri where one can see the aspect of several religions, faiths, beliefs, traditions and customs blended to make Goa a land of cultural vibrancy. Tourists from across the world prefer Goa Cultural Tour so they can feel the pulsation of this beautiful land.

The Goan culture is a rich blend of eastern and western traditions, influences and art forms. The 500 year Portuguese influence is evident in almost all forms of the Goan way of life from its cuisine to its dance forms. The blend of India cultural traditions with Portuguese cultural aspects make the Goan culture truly unique where one can find a stark contrast with the other parts of India. Goa Carnival and Goa Festival are two famous gamut of Goa Cultural Tourism which summons scores of tourists from several parts of the globe.

Goa Carnivalis the most eclectic celebration which is renowned around the world high tone music band, street play on historical themes, songs, grand feast, mask dance, fancy dress competitions and many more. This grand celebration lasts for three days and nights in February. During the carnival one can see a colorful parade with a music band throughout the city. The multicolor scattered beauty makes this place a vibrant destination which allures large number of tourists to this place in the February.

Goa Festivals is a unique blend of socio-religious culture which marked the calendar of Goa with several festival celebrations. Some of the popular and most celebrated festival of this place are Shigmo, the Goanese version of Holi, is celebrated in the February and March, the Feast of Our Lady of Miracles celebrated 16 days after the Easter and Igitun Chalne, held at Sirigao temple in Bicholim during May, is one of Goa’s most distinctive festivals. The main attraction of the festival is devotees walk across burning coals to prove their devotion for Goddess Lairaya.